A Timeline history of the Violin Bow - from c. 1600 - 1800

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Pierre Trichet (1586/7 - 1644) Traité des Instruments de Musique (1631)

Pierre Trichet was a lawyer, humanist and instrument collector. He compiled his Treatise around the same time as Mersenne was working on his Harmonie Universelle. It's particularly valuable in giving precise information about the state of instruments around the beginning of gthe 17th century. He writes of the bow that "it is necessary that it be strongly tensed and fitted with horse's hair, and that it be sufficiently rubbed with rosin so that it does not slide and slip over the strings too softly".
He also wrote, "I wanted to add a word about the manufacture of bows, those being made of brazilwood, ebony, or other solid wood, are better and more esteemed"